We are located in historic Astoria Oregon, where the mighty
Columbia River meets the wild Pacific Ocean.
We are a small home based, T.I.C.A. Registered cattery,
proudly breeding the exotic Savannah Cat.  These cats are a
relatively new breed created bycrossing the African Serval  with
select domestic cats.  Here at Columbia Breeze , we breed  only
Savannah to Savannah,  for the F3, F4, F5, F6, and SBT
generations.  The development of the Savannah breed is still in
it’s infancy with the introduction of the SBT generation being a
recent addition.

Bringing home a Savannah cat is a superb choice,  whether it
be for showing, as all of our kittens are T.I.C.A. Registered, or as
a wonderful household pet.  A combination of exotic flair with a
friendly and loving temperament.  Our kittens are raised around
all those curiously wonderful challenges of every household.
They have an almost “dog-like” behavior.  They can greet you
with vocal excitement, walk on a leash,  fetch and play in water.  
If you enjoy an active, loving, friendly cat with that “over the top”
wild look….Then let one of these cats enter your life….
"Take a walk on the wild side"
Columbia Breeze Savannah Cattery
40005 Highway 30
Astoria, Oregon 97103
Debbie Huffman
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Columbia Breeze is now USDA licensed
Our African Serval


2 Kittens are here

LizElle F6 SBT and
JazzPurr F5 SBT  have 1
Silver Spotted Girl and 1
Brown Spotted boy...born
Sunday April 8

Pictures will be posted on
the F6 page in a couple of